While on your way to Big Chill Beach Club you might notice some peculiar signs along Coastal Highway. You know those yellow ones with the turtle picture on it? For most this indicates that orange crushes from your favorite Beach Club bartenders are only minutes away, but these are actual turtle crossing, road signs! For all of our D.C. friends, these are not the signs you typically see on the Beltway! Many times a year turtles are hit by cars on our little strip of road, so we ask all of our patrons to please be conscious while driving and look out for our small green friends! 

By doing your part we ask you give turtles a brake (pun intended) while driving on Coastal Highway. If you do happen to see a turtle in distress please contact the Center for the Delaware Inland Bays, or the Delaware Seashore State Park, they will take it from there! 

Another threat to our local turtles are something you may not have guessed. Balloons commonly fall into the water and sea turtles tend to mistake their shape for jellyfish. These balloons can take years to break down in the water and turtles can eat them by mistake. Next time you have a balloon please discard it properly instead of letting it go, risking the balloon to drop into the water. 

A big part to the Big Chill experience is appreciating the nature that surrounds us. Everyday at our Sunset Celebration we make a Toast to the Delaware Coast, and we truly mean it. So that means making sure we all take care of the coast and all that inhabit it. 

“Take a walk with a turtle. And behold the world in pause.”  – Bruce Feiler


Big Chill Beach Club entrance